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Above & Beyond - We're All We Need (feat. Zoë Johnston)


New track from Above & Beyond off their upcoming album “We Are All We Need”


Tasha Marie
Vancouver, BC
Nikon D800

We admire your conceptual portraits combined with landscapes. Do you plan every shot as it comes or does any planning go into it? Please tell us a little bit about your process.

I would say it’s half and half. I’ll try to plan most my shoots, but there’s times where I just talk my camera for a walk and see what I find. Often I’ll be shooting something I had planned out and then I’ll change it because I’ve been inspired to do something different. Most of my landscape photos are unplanned, I just always make sure to take my camera with me when traveling.

What relationship do you have with your models, and how much influence do they have in each piece of work produced?

When I’m not taking self portraits, I’m usually shooting close friends. I always find it easier to take photos of someone I know very well and can get along with. when I have an idea in mind I’ll usually know who I want to model for the image as well.

Tumblr: @teapalm
Instagram: @teapalm
Flickr: @toshofosho



Amchit Residence Lebanon Blankpage Architects.

"Conceived as a layering of decks, the beach house seeks to maximize its relationship with the sea through a visual and compositional celebration of horizontality in general and the Mediterranean horizon in particular. The slabs are held by a minimal steel structure made of equally sized square columns on a regular module of 2.55m, as well as a discreet glass enclosure and wooden louvers in varying horizontal and vertical rhythms allowing for a relative level of privacy and shade."


Fred Tougas
Montreal, Canada
Leica M6 | Hasselblad 500CM

You seem to explore the depths of foreign lands without hesitation. How do you get past that alien feeling in a foreign country, to actually go deeper than an average tourists would? 

When travelling, there’s only one thing you should really be doing and it’s to undertake a deep cultural exploration to satisfy your curiosity, pioneering your way if need be. It’s the reason why you’re there. Sometimes, I even feel more hesitant when I’m at home. When exploring, I become so sensitive to everything in my surroundings, this alien feeling fuels my curiosity and my inspiration instead of scaring me. I feel this urgent need of documenting everything I see by telling a story. If it draws me off the beaten path, it’s even better. Being a photographer gives you the perfect reason to explore deeper and deeper.

Tell us about your love for 35mm film, and why it is special to you.

Even though I learned with digital, I will always seem to choose film. My approach to photography itself changes completely. With a roll of 36 or even 12 frames, there is no way you want to miss one shot. There is no room for shooting frenzies and trial and error. Therefore, I will think and compose my images differently, with better precision. The mechanical feeling of analog is unique. It acts like an extension of my body and mind and I feel much closer to my subjects. Ultimately, I get to spend less time sorting and processing images, and more time shooting. And that’s what it’s all about.

Tumblr: @fredtougas 
Instagram: @tougs


Would you ever make more trancestep like that seven lions remix you did? I'd like to hear more of that, it's an interesting sound!

Oh absolutely! I’ve been working with some ideas lately and they’re coming along.  The biggest challenge is that my regular labels I work with don’t want that sound. I have to actively go out and find a new home for the trancestep tracks between producing my “normal” sound.

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